Food and Music: The Urban Harvest Episode 1

Photo by Isabella CassiniDear friends, I’m in the final editing stages of my very own cooking show entitled the Urban Harvest!

I’m sure you all know that my second love is cooking and sharing the table with my nearest and dearest.

Recently I’ve acquired a small version of a homestead with chickens and a little garden.  I’ve also delved deeper into the world of DIY: I’ve experimented with making my own cheese and baking gluten free bread by growing my own yeast.  I’ve combined this newfound passion with my love of music by having a guest musician cook and craft with me.  With each episode I will invite you into my home to learn a new recipe and meet a new artist.  The website and the video will be available this summer.  I am so proud of this and so excited to share it with you beautiful people.


Photo by Isabella Cassini